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Programmable Logic Controllers
  PLC fundamentals
  PLC hardware & architecture
  Source & sink concepts
  Wiring different field devices to PLC
  Introduction to PLC programming software
  Creating new application ,addressing
  Introduction to ladder diagrams
  Basic programming instructions
  Advance instructions
  Forcing of i/os
  Fault finding/ Troubleshooting & documentation
  Communication with SCADA software
  Hands on experience on real time applications
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
  Introduction to SCADA software
  Creating new SCADA project
  Creating & editing elementary graphic display
  Attaching controls to graphics display
  Real time & historical trends
  Using alarms & events
  Application of scripts
  Communication with PLC
  Communication with excel
  Net DDE communication
  Fault finding/Troubleshooting
Variable Speed Drives & Motors
  AC motors, operations & limitations
  Motor Starters: DOL, Star-Delta, Auto Transformer
  Motor control circuits, interlocking circuits
  Introduction to AC drives & applications
  Criteria for drives selection
  Parameter programming
  Designing of drive control panel
  Communication with PLC,SCADA software
  Fault Finding/Troubleshooting
  Soft starters & their advantages over conventional starters
Process Instrumentation
  Various transmitters/Sensors used in industrial applications
  Position sensor : photo electric, proximity sensor, encoder
  Temperature measurement (RTD, thermocouple, thermistor) working principle, types, selection guidelines.
  Pressure measurement, working principle, types, selection guidelines
  Load measurement, load cells
  Level measurement, working principle, types, selection guidelines
  Solenoid valves, control valves, smart transmitters
  Instrument transformers(CT,VT)
  Process control basics, closed & open loop control
  Soft starters & their advantages over conventional starters
    Process controllers (on-off, proportional, PID)
Panel Designing
  Introduction to switchgears & accessories
  Basics of control & Power drawings
  General protection involved in panel
  Load management(connected load ,running load ,load factor)
  Indications (Ammeter, voltmeter, PF & KW Meter etc).
  Preparation of general arrangement diagrams, busbar sizing
  Electrical Protection
  Preparation of Power & Control circuits
  General wiring guidelines/practices
  Maintenance & troubleshooting of control circuits in live panels
    Process controllers (on-off, proportional, PID)
Study of Electrical Circuit
  General arrangements & specifications
  Covering sheet & legend details
  Sheets of different panels (metering panel & auxiliary panel, line control panel etc).
  SLD (Single line diagram)
  Preparation of control circuit diagram for different DG sets.
  AMF panels of DG sets
  Synchronizing panel for DG sets
  Scheme/wiring diagram
  Terminal description
Human Machine Interface
  Getting started with HMI
  Creating applications , creating tags
  Downloading/Uploading Programs
  Creating alarm messages
  Communication with PLC
  Fault Diagnostics
Auto CAD
  About the Soft tool
  Drawing simple sketches (Line, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon etc.)
  Drawing Settings
  Modifying entities
  Object selection methods
  Adding symbols
  Plotting your drawings
Power Generation & Distribution
  Thermal power, Hydro power, Gas/steam Turbines
  Safety & Protection
  Control & working
  Load sharing
  Auto start & stop
  Power Factor Control
Interview Preparation
  Personality Development
  Soft skills
  Oral & written tests