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Sanhit is an engineering company involved in design and manufacturing of Genset Synchronization, PLC based Automation Solutions and LT/HT Panels. Sanhit's unique advantage lies in its ability to undertake execution responsibility of the complete project. Today, Sanhit is a force to reckon with in the industrial automation industry.

We specialize in the following:
  Auto Synchronising and Load Sharing Panels for Diesel as well as Gas Gensets.
  PLC based Automation Solutions
  PC based SCADA Softwares
  AC Drive & Panels for HVAC Application
We design and manufacture a variety of automation panels, electrical distribution equipment and electrical switchboards used for different monitoring applications. Our products are designed for maximum uptime and consistent performance with minimum amount of power consumption.

Our specialized team of engineers in different disciplines such as manufacturing, electronics, design, purchase, electrical, mechanical, fabrication and testing work in tandem to develop and manufacture and service our products.

Also, the perceived quality of our products as well as the extent of downtime depends on how the user uses our products. As such, we conduct regular training courses for the users of our products so that they can achieve high level of performance and uptime. This results in not only higher productivity but also results in cost savings.