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Technomation, an industrial automation educational and training institute, has been established by the Sanhit Group with the objective of building a skilled workforce for the growing Indian economy. Sanhit is a leading industrial automation company involved in panel designing and DG synchronization. At Technomation, it plans to transfer the extensive practical knowledge it has gained over the years through educational course(s) to:

  Students who have graduated from ITI's, polytechnics and engineering colleges who have chosen electrical, electronics and instrumentation streams as their fields of interest.
  Working professionals who seek to enhance and expand their capabilities in the field of industrial automation.
Our main objective is to develop the capability of the participants in our educational and training programs to study and understand electrical wiring diagram and panel designs. Our focus will be on PLC, Motors, Drives, Instrumentation and DG synchronization. Our programs will also train the participants in the use of AUTO-CAD and SCADA softwares. In addition, our courses include practical oriented training modules in diversified hardware and software that are used in industrial automation so as to narrow the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge as well as the requirement of the industry.

Our highly experienced faculty along with our extensive knowledge base would serve as an ideal platform to build highly skilled workforce in the field of industrial automation. Since we are already involved in this field, we have the unique advantage of also providing practical training to the participants in our courses.