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     Varakh & Silver Foil  
Edible silver foil is known as VARAKH. In India, we love sweets that have Varakh on them. It is so popular that India converts 13 tonnes of pure silver into edible silver foil each year.

Varakh or silver foil is lustrous and as thin as chiffon. It is extremely fragile and breaks very easily. It has to be handled with care. It has no aroma or taste.

It is packaged in between sheets of tissue paper and then in boxes. Each sheet of Varakh contains minute quantity of silver and as such is not expensive. It does not get spoilt easilt and has a shelf life of many years.

It is simple to use. Just lift off a sheet of Varakh along with its sheet of tissue paper and put the Varakh side on the prepared food item, lets say Barfi, so that the Varakh sticks to the Barfi. Some bits and pieces of Varakh will remain stuck on the paper which can be again pressed on the food. It is almost impossible to apply the Varakh or silver foil uniformly on any surface.

Silver leaf tarnishes very easily and should always be protected with a lacquer.

Varakh has many uses as follows:
  As decoration which adds sparkle and shine to Indian sweets, supari, paan, Chyavanprash and fruits.
  Ayurvedic medicines.
  On deities in many Jain temples.
  In flavored syrups as in kesar (saffron) syrup.
  As garnish on food such as biryanis, meat curries and kababs.
  In interiors of temples and mosques as well as for carving names on the walls of the temples .
  Medicine manufacturers
  On the bottles of sharbat.
  Antique Furniture
  Wooden Furniture
  Designing marble furniture